Now you can buy BEP-20 tokens from your bank card in 2 clicks. For example, STM token with 0% commission 😱😱😱

This is one of the first platforms where you can buy the cryptocurrency of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem — the most advanced blockchain to date! The number of transactions in #BSC today is more than in the Ethereum blockchain. Any top cryptocurrency is available on the level 2 blockchain, while the same #Bitcoin is several times faster here and with a miner’s commission of several cents (unlike the #BTC network).

🔥 We’ve also added support for #CAKE. Now you can get into the #PANCAKE ecosystem in a few seconds using our service. Also available for sale: stablecoin from #Binance BUSD — equal to the dollar and #BNB — token of the Binance ecosystem. We will add new tokens later, stay tuned.

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