How to monetize knowledge?

Quarantine and self-isolation cornered many people into a financial hole. How many specialists are left without income? The whole sports sector and the event industry have stopped. Weddings and birthdays are canceled, restaurants are closed. Which means that thousands of trainers, celebration managers, photographers, musicians, makeup artists are out of employment. The list of professions which can’t continue working is rather long. It could be fine if you have a financial pillow, but what can you do if you used to live from paycheck to paycheck or lived on money for the services provided? You can borrow from friends in hope for better times but it’s better to find a way out.

How can you make money online if you are a specialist of a narrow field? You can monetize your knowledge, for example by creating video courses. Online education is becoming more and more popular. Coaches can sell workout courses suitable for home, photographers can share the secrets of processing with amateurs or novice colleagues. But where can you publish a course without a fee?

Streamity Group offers the best conditions for experts in any field. Advantages of posting video courses on STM University are:

✅ Free publication of your educational content

✅ Video courses can be sold or posted for free which promotes a personal brand

✅ You do not have to spend money on advertising and promotion, the company provides a flow of customers through network marketing

✅ Streamity Group partners take academy courses to earn stars and get qualifications

✅ 12,000 users from different countries are already registered and the number is increasing every day

✅ Income for video courses is paid in STM tokens. You can invest in cryptocurrency without real money and receive additional profit

✅ Becoming a Streamity partner, you can receive a linear bonus from each action of your client.

🤝 Join us, the world will not be the same after STM