🚀 Today is a significant day in the Streamity history! It is the ecosystem launch!

All partners were looking forward to this event and finally, this day has come.

The decentralized ecosystem consists of 8 projects. 5 of them are active now:

💎StreamDesk — a decentralized service for buying and selling cryptocurrency

💎STM.Store — Streamity store for branded products

💎STM.Wallet — a mobile application for cryptocurrency storing and exchange

💎STM.Bot — a fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange assistant in Telegram

💎Talexnet — an educational platform to gain knowledge and earn STM tokens

3 more projects are developing:

💎STM.Analytics — an information platform with the latest crypto world news

💎STM.Capital — a kind of social network with profitable investments proposals for investors and traders

💎STM.Market — a decentralized marketplace

You can earn on each of these platforms! Join the Streamity team and change your life.




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